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How much Justice Can you afford? Most People can't afford any justice so they end up rolling over and Plea Bargaining even if it's for something they didn't do. It's time to protect yourself through consultations with a Victim of Legal Abuse who Became a Survivor of Legal Abuse.

The Consumer Advocate for Justice.... 25 Years experience!

"How much Justice can you afford?"

Do you know how to protect yourself from your own attorney who may be unethical after you signed a Retainer Agreement or how to recognize prejudice or bias judges? Well, don't feel alone because most people don't think about this topic much until injustices come knocking on their back door. This is one reason why the media has written about Rose Colombo, the go-to Consumer Advocate for Justice, whose first-hand experiences, research, and hundreds of interviews with victims who were grateful for her moral support made headlines in major newspapers. American citizens from across the nation have sought out the information and moral support she provides to victims whose lives are turned upside down.

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Rose Colombo says, "I'm on a mission. Helping victims of legal abuse is my passion and making the wrongs right so people can move on with their lives. I knew I wasn't the only victim, so I set out to make positive changes and create a grassroots movement, but didn't realize how deep the corruption within the system had sunk." Many victims find themselves isolated, intimidated, humiliated, embarrassed, fearful, shocked, and without anyone who understands their dilemma. or their pain and suffering. Rose Colombo is not a lawyer. She does not provide legal advice.

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Rose suggests you seek out legal advice from lawyers and professionals who are experienced in practicing law, accountants, politicians and medical professionals. She says, "One woman can make a positive difference and people can survive after divorce or accusations brought against them that many times are false, but once accused, it appears the accused are guilty until proven innocent. This expert on victims of legal abuse offers more than legal advice. She offers her expertise and her understanding and passion to help victims move on with their lives after they are hit with a rude awakening and find themselves unable to function. There is a dark shadow of injustice hanging over the heads of millions of silent Americans from the past and during these troubling times when the government arrests and jails more Americans than any nation in the world. Rose says, "It's easy to get into the system, but it's very difficult and, time consuming, as well as, expensive to get out of the system." 

It's important to communicate with the one woman who began a grassroots movement 25 years ago entitled, "Women Fight Back." Rose Colombo has been sought out from across the nation by Americans from all walks of life. She's consulted and assisted with injustices brought against a prominent Judge Nancy Wieben Stock during the OJ case. She's helped expose Pastors who are accused of violating the law for helping the homeless. She's helped female lawyers, Business Owners, as well as average Americans who find themselves thrust into a web of legal deception. Rose Colombo worked for the Sheriff's Department after college as well as for the Chief of Psychiatry in a Crisis Clinic. She Founded an organization, "Women Fight Back" and left protests and marches against injustices and began a grassroots movement exposing gender bias decisions in the family law courts that led to people from around the nation contacting her about a myriad of injustices throughout the government.

Colombo gained a vast wealth of knowledge through first-hand experiences, research, representing herself in court, classes, and interviewing victims. Sometimes, people just need someone who may understand their issues and doesn't judge others, but provides a hand up. Be sure to Fill out the Contact Form and Join Colombo Chronicles. Send a Brief Summary of your story and concern to Colombo Chronicles. Rose will respond when she receives your email.

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Detective Columbo was hot on the trail of anyone he suspected of injustices. Well, that is the same for Rose Colombo. She's been a Consumer Advocate for Justice for 20 years helping victims of legal abuse become survivors. Colombo is an Irwin award-winner and 5 Star Review on highlighting her self-help book, Fight Back Legal Abuse. Featured around the world as well as her latest book, "Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks & Radicals," which won "Best Political Satire." She's been recognized and awarded for her former newspaper column, One Woman's Opinion as well as published poetry with extensive awards from well-recognized publishers and international organizations. She was selected by The Marquis Who's Who Publications Board to have her bio published in "Who's Who in America," and "Who's Who of American Women," and "Who's Who in the World." You can read more about Rose's accomplishments listed further in this article. 

As the Founder of a former grassroots movement, "Women Fight Back," she led protests and marches against judges who threw women in jail for trying to protect their kids from abusers and pedophiles as well as D.A.'s who refused to collect child support from dead beat parents. She fought for child care centers and Pro-Life and ended up as a whistle-blower in a divorce case that the judges referred to as the most horrendous case to go through their courthouse. She gathered evidence from victims and research and pulled together a six-year report which she delivered to the FBI and to the Governor's Office requesting an investigation into alleged gender bias within those judicial offices. 

This ignited a wildfire around the nation as Rose and her grassroots movement discovered it was a national crisis and not isolated to one county or one state, but a silent national injustice against Americans filing for divorce that could lead to bankruptcy courts, criminal courts, juvenile hall, and jail and physical, financial, and emotional distress which equates to post-traumatic distress order.

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"There is only justice for $um and for some." "How much justice can you afford?" "How much money in legal fees could you save by gaining invaluable information that you cannot get out of a law book?"

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How To Protect Yourself From Your Own Attorney

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Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks, and Radicals:
The Legend Of How The Judea-Christian Dinosaur Nation Was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction

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