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How much Justice Can you afford? Most People can't afford any justice so they end up rolling over and Plea Bargaining even if it's for something they didn't do. It's time to protect yourself through consultations with a Victim of Legal Abuse who Became a Survivor of Legal Abuse.

The Consumer Legal Advocate for Justice.... 25 Years of Experience! Fight Back Legal Injustice....

"How much Justice can you afford?"

Do you know how to protect yourself from your own attorney? Have you ever thought about it? Most people have not because they believe their attorney is paid to protect them. They place their trust in the attorney. He becomes their savior and their hero and confidante. However, there are millions of disgruntled Americans over the decades who were shocked and even devastated by the lack of protection they received from their own attorney. Why not ask questions before it's too late? Contact us to learn more about legal advocate.

Testimonial: Angela (fictional name) paid her attorney $16,000 to retain him in a community state property settlement.The bias judge rendered the majority of property to her ex-husband despite the fact that they had been married 25 years and accumulated the property and business during the marriage. Angela was running out of money.  She sold her Grand piano to retain the attorney. Angela didn't realize that her attorney would fail to file the legal documents prior to the court hearing and didn't know at the time that there weren't any court documents defending her right to a fair share of the community assets before the judge. The judge only had the ex-husband's defense before her. Angela didn't realize that the judge can only determine a case by what has been filed properly and in a timely manner and presented before the judge by the lawyer. Angela was shocked and left the courtroom without her fair share of community assets. She had two teenage boys to feed and provide a home. She was a stay-at-home mom during the marriage. The judge ordered Angela to move out of the home and she ended up in a two bedroom apartment struggling and depressed. This is just one example of injustices that Americans can encounter in the legal system. Unfortunately, most Americans don't think about the legal fees they can rack up if they find themselves caught up in the legal system with nowhere to go for help. Most litigants feel isolated and alone. 

There is hope. And, where there is hope, you will find help if you are pro-active. You are here because you have a question of more than one question about an injustice or legal abuse. Rose Colombo's advocacy for victims of more than 20 years has been well-documented by the victims and her first-hand experiences as well as years of research. Sometimes, a lawyer can't answer questions that a lay person and former litigant can answer because this advocate has walked in your shoes. The media refers to Colombo as a "crusader" and an "expert." What are you waiting for? Go to Subscribe Today and sign up for the membership and ask your questions. You haven't anything to lose and may feel empowered, enlightened, and motivated. 

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Colombo says, "I'm on a mission which I was told about in a life-after-death experience. Helping victims of legal abuse is my passion and helping to make wrong right. People deserve to be treated equally in a court of law and as people, not numbers. After walking out of court, I realized I couldn't be the only victim, but there was nowhere to go. Besides, who would believe the victims, anyway since most people trusted the legal system at that time. I decided one person can make a difference and enact positive changes. I created a newsletter, grassroots movement, and TV and Radio shows. At that time, I didn't have a clue how deep the corruption and bias had sunk. Colombo remarked that many victims of injustices of legal abuses find themselves feeling isolated, humiliated, embarrassed, fearful, shocked, and without anyone to answer questions when they seek information about injustices. Every question doesn't require a legal definition or legal advice. Colombo says that she gets their pain. Colombo is not a lawyer. She does not provide legal advice; however she provides motivation, encouragement, and suggestions you can't get out of a law book. She's taken legal courses and she's a businesswoman, award-winning author, poet, producer and host of TV and Radio, as well as former writer for a local newspaper with a column entitled, "One Woman's Opinion." Join Today. Why wait?  Click on Subscribe Today and do yourself a favor.

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Rose Colombo suggests that you always seek out legal advice from lawyers and professionals who are experienced in practicing law, accountants, politicians and medical professionals. Colombo has years of experience in helping victims who sought her out. Her suggestions have helped victims move on with their lives after they are hit with a rude awakening and find themselves unable to function within the legal system. She says that there's a  dark cloud casting a shadow of injustice in too many courtrooms across the nation. Colombo feels that it should be of public concern when the government arrests and jails more Americans than any nation in the world. Colombo stated, "It's easy to get into the system, but it's very difficult, time consuming, and expensive, to get out of the system."  It's not just divorce, it's Homeowners Associations, Custody, Support, False Accusations, Community Assets, Due Process of Law, elder abuse, so many issues that can turn into injustices.

It's important to communicate with the one woman, while you can, who began a grassroots movement 25 years ago entitled, "Women Fight Back." Colombo has been sought out from across the nation by people from all walks of life. She's consulted and assisted with injustices, including two Scientists from Hungary, a prominent Judge, Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock, who was the victim of a Recall filed by Tammy Bruce, which hit national news, during the OJ Simpson case. Colombo believed Hon. Wieben Stock to be an objective and fair judge.  After Pastor Wiley Drake hit the news by the city who accused him of violating the law for helping shelter the homeless, Colombo exposed his injustice on her cable TV show.  Colombo views the legal system as a mysterious secret society or brotherhood that spread a giant imaginary web around the earth and far too many people are caught up in that web and can't get out. Chapter 10 of Colombo's book, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," is entitled, "Justice for $um and for Justice for Some," but not for all.  As a young girl after college, she worked for the Sheriff's Department and later on, she was employed as an executive assistant to the Chief of Psychiatry who headed up the Crisis Clinic.  These two jobs helped Rose understand the dark side of life. She was a shy child and adult and never dreamed she would lead a movement and speak out in public. She was driven by passion against injustice. She witnessed the adverse side effects of serious Rx drugs such as Thorazine. She was enlightened about crime,  mental illness, psychiatry, and the good, the bad and the ugly in the world. She had a front-row seat. Colombo is the Founder of the 90's and early New Millennium grassroots movement, "Women Fight Back" which is currently inactive, but their work and proposed laws were implemented and remain as help for future generations. It's a fact that while Americans were asleep, Colombo led protests against injustices in front of courthouses which hit the news. She created and produced am-FM and online radio shows and cable TV shows and appeared on local TV and major radio.  Rose has been quoted and featured in newspapers and magazines and many of her articles published.

After years of beating the bushes and fighting back the hard way as there wasn't any social media or internet, Colombo gained a vast wealth of knowledge through first-hand experiences, research, representing herself in court, attending classes on the law, and interviewing victims. Colombo believes that there are times when people need a helping hand up, not legal advice, but just common sense guidance that they won't find in a law book. She says that she doesn't judge anyone. And, she doesn't believe that any question that is of concern to the individual is insignificant. People with concerns haven't anything to lose, and may have a lot to gain. Take the first step and click on Subscribe Today at the top of the page. Follow the instructions. Fill out the Contact Form.  Email a Brief Summary of your story and your question of concern to Colombo Chronicles. You will receive a personal and confidential response upon receiving your email within a reasonable time. 

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Detective Columbo was hot on the trail of anyone he suspected to be a victim of injustice. Rose Colombo believes people should be pro-active and help themselves by seeking as much self-help as possible before going into debt with additional legal fees. Colombo is the Consumer Advocate for Justice. She's been interviewing and helping victims of legal abuse become survivors for many years. Check out Colombo's award-winning books by clicking on Books & Radio Shows above. 

As the Legal Advocate for Justice and an Activist, she witnessed certain bias judges, who ordered single mothers to spend time in jail after accusing their spouses of child abuse or pedophilia, and even lose custody of their kids to the alleged perpetrators. Of course, there were some males, but most victims were females. Colombo and her supporters protested the failure to collect child support from dead beat parents and even contacted Congressman Cox urging him to support "child care centers" which were scarce in the 90's and to support "pro-life."  After divorce, Colombo didn't set out to become a whistle blower, but she did. She compiled a 6-year report on gender bias cases which she delivered to the FBI and to the Ca. Governor's Office.  Afterwards, she created and wrote and submitted an amendment to the Ca. Constitution, "Judicial Accountability and Limited Immunity Act of 1996," approved by the Office of the Ca. Attorney General for the ballot; however, due to personal issues, the amendment hasn't been placed on the ballot to-date.

This ignited a wildfire around the nation as Rose and her grassroots movement discovered it was a national crisis and not isolated to one county or one state, but silent national injustices against Americans filing for divorce that could lead to bankruptcy courts, criminal courts, juvenile hall, and even criminal court in some cases. This web of deception and illusion of justice was spreading like a cancer; however, the only persons who knew about it were the victims.  The newspaper reporters were willing to expose the stories, but the editors were not. Perhaps, fear of stepping on the toes of people in power. In fact,  Injustices and Legal Abuse can be costly, long-term, and can cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Legal System can cause physical, financial, and emotional distress and even cause people to end their lives. Some people never recover.  If the case ends up to be  complex and convoluted as well as expensive, it can cause people to feel as if they entered a battlefield.  It doesn't always have to be that way if people are pro-active before they get caught up in legal issues.

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Quotes by Rose Colombo:

"There is only justice for $um and for some." "How much justice can you afford?" "How much money in legal fees could you save by gaining invaluable information that you cannot get out of a law book?"

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Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks, and Radicals:
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Testimonial: "In total despair....court and attorneys abusing for self-gain...I chased down a news van and the "reporter told me of Rose"...who helped me with "encouragement and moral support" and suggestions so I could move on with my life.  Donna

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