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"How much money could you save by gaining invaluable information that you can't get out of a law book?"

Colombo Chronicles takes Rose Colombo's years of experience and puts them into easy-to-follow, readable formatting. She really has a passion for helping women and men who have been wronged by our legal system. That's why she's written two Irwin award-winning books, one being a self-help book with 5 Star Reviews. 

Testimonial:  "After entering the Family Law Courts with multi-millions in community assets and years of marriage, I was made homeless and penniless.  They took my children away for no justifiable reason. My mistake appears to be that I trusted my lawyer/s and the judge."  This is a true statement as told to Rose Colombo by the victim and repeated by many.  This is not to say that all judges or lawyers aren't objective and fair, only to say that one bias judge or lawyer is one too many.  Judges and lawyers affect the lives of millions of American men, women and children, who end up in the American Family Law Courts or Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, or Bankruptcy, across the nation. 

Colombo says that most people aren't aware that after entering the legal system that their property and children could become the property of the state or under the control of the Judge and his Court Orders. In fact, one of the monthly events Colombo encouraged people to do within her community was participate in court monitoring. Average citizens involved in her grassroots movement met at the courthouse once per week and randomly entered a courtroom with a pad and pen so they could take notes. She said, "We were pro-active watch dogs." She said they would attend their monthly meeting at a community center and discuss the case, name the judge, lawyers, and litigants, and debate if they felt the case was just and if the decision was fair. For example, one judge always fell asleep on the Bench in the middle of the case. Lawyers would be arguing their case and the judge would be fast asleep. In another courtroom, the judge always had something bias to say about the female litigants until it hit the news such as, "Why buy the cow if the milk is free?" Of course, there were judges who were funny and fair as well and they were definitely following the law. And, there was one judge we referred to as "the hanging judge" because he was clearly prejudice. We compiled a list of the judges who were fair and who were not fair. Check out Rose Colombo's books & radio show in Huntington Beach, CA.

Fighting Back Legal Abuse 

Rose Colombo's award-winning book—Fight Back Legal Abuse: How to Protect Yourself From Your Own Attorney—is available in out-of-print paperback on amazon; however, she is writing the second edition that will be published in 2018. Colombo is also preparing to publish an entire series of her legacy as the media's "Crusader for Justice" with the hope that the youth will continue to carry on the torch in the future. More than 20 years in the works, this is the story of one woman's fight against the injustices within the legal system.

Colombo was shocked after hiring 27 attorneys to represent her in a divorce case that involved substantial assets including property, stocks, and businesses. The ethical attorneys were threatened with sanctions by the bias judge for objecting against the opposing attorney's lies. She makes a strong case for the reformation of the legal system, using more than two decades of true stories that are related to injustices as well as firsthand experiences, documentation, interviews, and the laws she proposed that were implemented.

Rose Colombo hit the news when she asked the question, "How much justice can you afford?" Writing in a language that is completely void of jargon that's used by lawyers to overwhelm and confuse their clients.  Rose Colombo fights back to restore justice for all legal citizens. She was quoted in the newspaper when she stated, "Americans must not go down to their level, but force the legal system to come up to our level."   

Fight Back Legal Abuse Book Cover, Book Author, Huntington Beach, CA

Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals, Book Author, Huntington Beach, CA

Fictional Political Satire At Its Best

Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks, and Radicals: The Legend of How the Judea-Christian Dinosaur Nation was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction is available on Kindle for $3.99 and in paperback for $15.99. Come on a journey and an adventure in a far off land in search of the lost dinosaur tablets unseen by the world. The tablets  reveal the true story of how the dinosaurs became extinct. This is a fictional political satire with an Orwellian twist on how the mysterious and charismatic dinosaur, Obamasaurus, suddenly appeared and won over the trust of the majority of dinosaurs and ended up as their leader.  The story raises the question if the dinosaurs were depopulated by the Ice Age or if the dinosaurs were made extinct by a foreign enemy.  Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals was presented with the Irwin Award for Best Political Satire 2011.

Tips for Litigants

Ask your lawyer if the court provides a Court Reporter and if the county pays for the court reporter or if you must pay for the court reporter's time and transcripts.  Ask the court reporter her fees and how much she charges for transcripts and how soon will you be able to receive the original transcripts.  As if the Transcripts will be Certified Copies.  You may need them before your next court hearing so you need to ask questions.

  Not all courtrooms provide Court Reporters.  In fact, there are courthouses that allow litigants to purchase video tapes of certain hearings if the judge approves of videotaping the hearing.  It's a good idea to inquire about these issues before your court date. Go to the Court's Clerk located inside the courthouse and ask about the videos and any tutorial offers on how to fill out simple forms may be available at the courthouse. Read the transcripts for accuracy.  One word or one missing word or sentence could make make a difference should you need the transcripts in the future. Not all Court Reporters are accurate and not all Court Reporters will be cooperative and correct the transcripts believe it or not.  The system is a brotherhood and their first duty is to the Judge, not to you! 

Radio Show

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The buzz word is that Rose Colombo is a popular host for many high achievers in the world whose backgrounds expand from world-respected Doctors to known Politicians, College Professors, Best-Selling Authors and Playwrights; and victims of legal abuse and/or injustices. Read a few of the quotes by celebrities who appeared on Rose Colombo's Radio Shows and many will be coming back when her new Radio Show on worldwide Blog Talk Radio airs soon -watch for the update of - Colombo Chronicles. All shows are archived at

Quote from Rhonda

Rose, "I just wanted to send you this email to thank you very much for today's interview. It just seemed to fly on by! I really appreciate to have enlightened your audience on the various aspects of online book piracy and PR. Thanks for bringing your personal knowledge about the publishers and their role.. 

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"It was a pleasure to be on the air with you this morning, Rose. I love your own sense of humor. And, want to add you really are a most generous host...." 

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"What a delight [Rose] to have a chance to talk with you this morning on your internet radio show. Thank you for making it so easy to talk about the book ....I look forward to staying in touch with you.." 

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"Rose, just a word to say thank you for giving me such a friendly platform to share some of my views on the nature of how American government works today. Thank you for allowing me to expand on some of my ideas and observations.....should you wish to have another conversation..I would be willing to participate." 

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Dear Rose...."Thank you for helping catapult my books into more invites on more major radio shows..." 

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Dear Rose: Your generous heart allowed me to talk about a book I had published last year and brought my story to a large global audience....To this day, I sell books because of your informative show that is both interesting and diverse." 

Quote by Preston Rendell, author and former Mr. USA

Rose, I had a wonderful time on your show today. You are very relaxed and always do a fantastic job of interviewing...." 

Rose's guest include Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Alan Keyes, Philip J. Berg, esq., Dr. Nick Delgado,Senator John De Camp, Ca. Sen. Dick Mountjoy, Assemblyman, Tom Umberg, Karen Hudes, Dr. Patricia Bragg, Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao, Attorney Lauren Martel, Donald C. Brockett, Prosecutor, Robert Dilenschneider, Ed Morris, Dr. Julie Neuffer, Dr. Sherry Meinberg, Dan Pilla, Jake Kelly, and the list goes on and on....

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