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As a long-time Advocate for Justice whose provided invaluable information and input as well as recommendations and proposals in the law, Rose says, "The lawmakers continue to make more and more laws, but they rarely eliminate the old laws creating more laws and litigation than any nation in the world." 

Rose's Proposed Laws which Lawmakers Implemented: 

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1. Rose Colombo created and authored an Amendment to the California Constitution approved by the Ca. Attorney General's Office, titled, Judicial Accountability and Immunity Act of 1996" 

2. Rose proposed a law to Congressman Lungren to insert video cameras in the booking areas of every jail cell to protect the police and suspects who alleged they were abused which Lungren responded that he liked the proposal and sent it onto the L.A. Supervisors and the rest is history. 

3. Rose proposed a child support law at a women's conference in L.A. to Guest Speaker and Congressional Member, Barbara Boxer. Rose requested that she implement a law so that District Attorney's in any state can collect child support payments from deadbeat parents who skipped out and moved out-of-state which she and Rep. Cox implemented. 

4. Rose Colombo proposed Shared Custody making it possible for both parents to access their children after divorce fairly when she was invited to speak before the California Senate. Shared Custody became the law in California. 

5. Rose proposed a law to former California Assemblyman, Tom Umberg, in writing and he agreed to propose the law while on the air during her Radio show that aired Live on KORG 1190 FM. She requested that he implement a law to prohibit lawyers from making themselves beneficiaries of their client's Wills, Trusts, and Estates. Assemblyman Umberg implemented the law.

6. Rose Colombo received a signed Letter of Commendation from Governor Brown for the help she and the staff provided at the Crisis Clinic that helped turn a teenage girl's life around. Rose helped the staff protest the closing of the Crisis Clinic and hospitals that provided care for the mentally ill patients, but were not successful. 

7. Rose Colombo led marches and protests against the gender bias Family Law Courts and D.A.'s who appeared to be protecting wealthy males and pedophiles and sending the female accusers trying to protect their kids to jail. 

8. Rose Colombo led a grassroots movement with members of "Women Fight Back" in front of the courthouse on Christmas Eve requesting an investigation into the D.A.'s Office and Family Law Court after preparing a six-year report she delivered to the FBI and Governor's Office. On Christmas Morning, Rose Colombo and her members were on the front page and made the headlines. Rose was quoted in local and major newspapers such as the Orange County Register, The L.A. Times, Denver Post, and Boston Globe.

9. Rose Colombo marched with the grassroots movement to help stop corrupted HOA's from stealing the property of homeowners by fining them excessively and filing a lien on their property with their high profile lawyers. Rose helped carry a fake coffin with the "Bill of No Rights" inside the coffin and Red, White, and Blue ribbons draping the outside marching it through the halls of the State capitol to the Governor's office which hit Sacramento news.

10. Rose proposed a law in 2009 requesting Congress pass a law mandating that every public servant must be vetted, background checked and produce their credentials and attach a U.S. Certified Birth Certificate to the application whether an incumbent or a new Candidate.